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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 3, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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♪ and with club card specials like boneless... new york strip loin roast, $4.97 a pound, you can get all the holiday oohs and ahhs you want... when you want them, at the price you need. ♪ that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. an area politician convicted and we're not talking about mayor sheila dixon, the details from annapolis ahead. >> my son is dead and he's never coming back. >> and a local mother copes with her loss and tries to move on. . we begin with what a lot of people have been asking about all day. is snow heading our way?
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good evening, i'm kelly swoope. we may get our first taste of winter this weekend, but before that chilly temperatures first. norm is in the storm center with the latest of maryland's most accurate weather. norm? >> let's break it down. first off, right now nothing showing up on the radar. things are looking okay. but on saturday, let me show you how this will break out. we have a few light clouds to the west of the baltimore area. notice the time line thursday at 11:00. if you got on 70, drove into western maryland you'd run into clouds. overnight those clouds will disappear and there will be a sunny morning tomorrow morning. but then on saturday, a storm system climbs the coast. cold air is here. you see the blue? that is light snow activity mixing with some rainfall during the day on saturday. mostly saturday afternoon is going to be a rainfall situation, but as the temperatures cool off saturday night into sunday morning, it will mix with some light snow. now, the roadways are warm enough where it's not going to stick on the road, but you could
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see some accumulation ton the grassy areas. that's going to be coming during the day on saturday and into saturday evening. in the meantime for tonight, that's what we're calling for right there, mostly clear, winds diminishing, have calmed down in most places. overnight low of 35 degrees. complete forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thanks, norm. now to a developing story out of anne arundel county. shropshire has been convicted of a sexual assault offense sentencing is scheduled for february. for the first time after being found guilty two days ago, mayor dixon was speaking out about the trial. it all stems from her use of gift cards intended for the needy. but again, today was the first time since everything began last year that the mayor addressed her legal struggles. >> i am reflecting on the
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trial's outcome, talking with advisors, talking with god, and reviewing my options. i understand that this trial has engendered a range of strong feelings among citizens who love baltimore, just like i love baltimore. and we're committed to baltimore. i deeply regret that the citizens of baltimore have had to go through this ordeal with me. my attorneys have advised me to limit my comments while the legal process continues. in the meantime, my administration and i will continue to do the people's business. >> and this evening the mayor continued to go on with her responsibilities with the holiday season here her duties tonight included taking part in the annual lighting of the washington monument in mount vernon. christian schaffer was on hand
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for the event and joins us live with more. chris. >> reporter: hey, kelly, there it is, all lit up with the energy saving l.e.d. lights. she is the chief cheer leader for the city, and mayor dixon was wearing that hat tonight at one of the best known traditions in baltimore. the people came by the thousands. the city college choir performed and the 38th annual monument lighting went forward. >> this has become an annual tradition for us. >> reporter: even with the mayor on the stage. >> this is the official kick-off to the holiday season! >> cheering ]. >> reporter: who has been found guilty of a crime. >> it didn't impact our decision to come at all. we have no problem with it. >> reporter: there was a smath smattering of boos for her. >> i just came here to see this.
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she shows up, well, that's okay. >> reporter: even if they do have a problem with what she's been found guilty of doing. >> i'm upset to think that she took gift certificates, i mean, that's, that's a bad thing. >> reporter: and eventually, mayor dixon performed her duty for the night. >> five, four, three, two, one. [ cheering ]. >> reporter: the washington monument was lighted, the fireworks went off, and the mayor remained on the job. >> i think she's been a good mayor and i would love it if she could continue to do that job for the city. >> reporter: the mayor made no mention of her legal issues on stage tonight. a spokesman says she has a number of public events scheduled for tomorrow, including a bike ride through downtown baltimore. christian schaffer, abc2 news. a teenage girl is dead, her mother hospitalized after being attacked in their apartment. it happened in the 1500 block of
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mid-wood avenue. police found the mother and daughter stabbed and bludgeoned. 17-year-old cora iqbal carried for her mother, debbie beard, whose legs had been amputated due to diabetes. fright epg and disturbing scene this morning at anne arundel county. a woman called police saying that her son had shot and killed the family dog, and sure enough, when officers arrived, the dead dog was lying in front of the home. but the gunman wouldn't come out of the house. that's when police locked down the neighborhood. >> when officers got to be the air, yeah for the safety of the citizens, they evacuated some residents, secured a perimeter in the area and made sure no one was in potentially harm's way. >> reporter: a negotiator was called in and called the man out of the home.
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we're told the investigation is ongoing tonight. today was the day of closure for one anne arundel family. it was sentencing day for the 16-year-old accused of beating another teenager to death earlier this year. tonight she's headed to the maximum juvenile that facility. terry is here with the story. >> reporter: terry atkins says she will not spend her life hating her son's killer but she's glad that george got the maximum sentence allowed by law. after watching duval george get the maximum sentence, family and friends of christopher jones will try to move on. >> my son is dead. he's never coming back. he's in heaven, and i just choose to not spend the rest of my life harboring hate and anger. >> reporter: the 14-year-old died last may after he was attacked by george in a group of teens linked to a gang in
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crofton. jones' father holds little hope that george will be rehabilitated. >> i feel he'll be back in the justice system again one day. >> reporter: after officially denying any involvement, he pled guilty. prosecutors say they're satisfied. >> we asked that he be committed to the highest security facility and he was, and that's our hope, that he will remain there for a significant period of time. >> reporter: during today's proceeding, george offered an apology to the family, an apology that no one was buying, including the judge. but george's attorney says his client's words were sincere. >> i think the court misunderstood the fact that he didn't show a reaction. he was hurting the whole time. >> he is a child. kids fight. they do stupid things, and i am going to work on forgiving him. i'm going to try my best. but i do think right now that forgiveness will come later and he needs to be held accountable for what's he's done. >> reporter: while the criminal case is now over, jones' family
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is also pursuing a civil suit against george, the other suspects involved, and the anne arundel county school system. in baltimore county tonight a candle light vigil at towson university who remember those who died in alcohol-related car crashes. friends and family placed ribbons on a chris tmas tree with the names of drunk driving victims. the event was sponsored by mothers against drunk driving. a scary finding of medical experts when it comes to children with heart problems. a team of doctors started free heart exams of 6th graders. they say they're already saving lives, finding at least five children with heart conditions and two others who needed treatment for high blood pressure. they're using electro cardiograms and echo cardiograms to look for problems in kids
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before it's too late. >> my daughter, nicole, 11 years ago, 1998, collapsed on the playing field of her school and died of a sudden cardiac arrest. >> now, researchers say their findings are shocking compared to other published studies that only found trouble in about 1% of students. turning to the h1n1 virus now, the cdc is urging everyone to be ton the lookout for a swine flu scam. they're getting e-mails to create a profile on the cdc website. the cdc says they don't have that kind of program. they think it's being spread by hackers to spread a computer virus. find out what he did to land him behind bars. a holiday shopping display that has some people asking,
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what are they selling? and our 2-degree guarantee for today was 59 degrees. our high, was 64. which actual hi occurred at 5:00 in the morning. right as the heavy rain was ending. our complete forecast coming up in a couple of minutes.
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the bail. a white house the couple who got into the white house dinner uninvited were invited to appear at today's house hearing but declined. three uniform officers have been put on administrative leave but president obama says he trusts the secret service 100%. >> i want to wish all of you a very merry christmas. >> president obama and the first family tonight attending the 86th annual national christmas tree lighting. >> three, two, one, oh! [ cheering ]. >> it worked! >> the national christmas tree will be illuminated daily through january 1st. today william caldwell iii wears a jail house outfit. when he made it to saint nick,
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he said he had dynamite in his bag. the mall was evacuated, no explosives were found and the elf was arrested. >> i never thought he would go up there and say that stuff. >> he now faces charges including making terrorist threats. that nor'easter that pummelled the region for days? the officials in ocean city say it's going to cost $10 million to fix the damage to the shoreline. 600 cubic yards of sand were lost. that's 30,000 dump trucks filled to the brim with sand. the estimated $10 million comes from a report. . a lot of people have been
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asking about this year whether it's been wetter or drier, it seems like it's been raining an awful lot. >> it does. >> well, right now we're 10. -- i'm sorry, 9.8 inches above normal. >> okay. >> from our normal rainfall. so almost 10 inches more than we normally have, precipitation this year. all the precipitation we've been getting over the past couple of days has been rainfall. imagine if it had been snow. >> right. is it going to change? >> it is going to change, just a tiny bit. just a little taste of the season. talk about that in a second. take a look at your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. out the the bay we have a high tide at 7:27 in the morning, low tide 1:23 in the afternoon. our winds nicer than today. from the northwest at 6 to 12 miles an hour. sun comes up at 10 minutes after 7 and will set at 4:43. our low this morning was 44, which is basically the current temperature out there. that will be the low for the day. the high today actually occurred early this morning, about 5:00
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this morning, when that heavy rain finally moved out of the region. the temperature outside right now 44. which will go down -- again one of those upsidedown days when the high is in the morning and the low is in the evening. we had some sun this morning for a brief period of time and then the clouds made their way in. but a lot of those clouds will dissipating and backing off towards the west and that will give us a mostly clear sky over the baltimore area. we're watching a fast-moving system that is going to come roaring through the southern portions of the u.s. and up the eastern seaboard. there's going to be cold air on tap and that's what's dpg to give us -- going to give us a chance for light snow on saturday. blue sky tomorrow, in the morning, yeah, but things are going to be changing. moncton at 44 degrees, 45 in catonsville, silver springs 46, new market right now at 46.
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45 in ga lena. center "i ville at 45 degrees. forecast tonight, mostly clear, the winds will be diminishing, we'll see an overnight low of 35 degrees. during the day tomorrow, what we're talking about is sunny in the early portion of the morning. then the clouds increase during the day as a system starts making its way up the eastern seaboard. high of 49. saturday will be a rainy day with a high of only 40 degrees. but then as the sun goes down the temperatures start to slip, as soon as they get down to 37, 36 degrees, it will change over to a light snow situation and continue to early sunday morning. now, it's not going to accumulate on the roads because the roads are too warm but what we will find is a little bit of accumulation on the grassy areas. sunday a nice day, high of 43 degrees. monday 46 and partly cloudy. clouds come back into the weather picture on tuesday. 47, chance for scattered showers and 49 degrees. hope you have a night evening. catch you tomorrow night at five, six, and 11. a display on 5th avenue in
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new york is drawing crowds and criticism. >> because it's not appropriate to be -- i mean, you might as well be peeking in someone's window. >> a clothing line called xoxo is featured at a not quite x rated store front display with live models, one stripping to her underwear while the other pretends to text or put on makeup. >> you want to send me in there i toent have a problem. >> i don't think of it as a peep show. it's more artsy than that. >> you want me to watch this. [ laughter ]. >> she's a lovely entertaining woman. that's why i married her. >> that's right. >> the controversial display was only scheduled to last 10 days. and now that we have the attention of all of our male viewers, let's talk some football! with sunday night's wind was the catalyst they need to turn their season around or a well played game by a third string
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quarterback. paul javy was with the team today as they looked back against the win against the steelers and head to monday night when they take on the green bay packers. >> we face a top ranked defense and a top ranked quarterback every week so just the way the schedule is falling. been a tough schedule, that's what makes you better and that's what gives us a chance. if we can win these games down the stretch it's going to make us more prepared for the playoffs. that's the challenge. late november and into december and to the first week of january. that's what separates the teams. if you're going to start doing anything, you better start playing football in those months, because if you don't it's going to be hard for you to make the playoffs. >> breaking through the middle is ray wright to set up a first and goal. >> i just see green grass and i try do anything i can without hurting the team, whether it's getting us down to field goal range or in a position to score to try to win the game at that point.
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>> there was a huge relief to take care of that game, especially the steelers. it's been looming over us since last year and to win that game was, you know a huge relief and hopefully we keep going. >> we start out 3-0, you know, playing well, and then, you know, we dropped three in a row and put ourselves in a bad spot. from there on out you have to fight to stay above water and we've done that, and we fought to stay, you know, in contention, and, you know, we hold our destiny. if we continue to do that we are in the playoffs. >> kick-off at 8:30 monday night at lambeau field. still ahead, tomorrow's job report won't be pretty, but president obama has begun trying to get things moving. what he did today that could be a good start. hi. hey, i need a new cell phone.
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. wall street took a pounding today ahead of tomorrow's job report. the report should show what many already know, all too well, this country needs new jobs. and today president obama heard that message loud and clear. he said the chronic unemployment is a problem that cuts deep and touches people across this nation. the president hosted a job summit at the white house. the goal of the summit was to
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help struggling small businesses which create about 2/3 of the nation's jobs. as well as discuss ways the country can create more jobs. >> that problem can be solved with a few incentives and few regulatory changes i think fairly quickly. a strong thing that the government can do that would create jobs quickly. >> roughly 15.7 million americans are out of work right now. that puts the national unemployment rate at about 10%. many economists predict tomorrow that level will spike but still hold at a 26-year high. closer to home, governor o'malley is vowing to help small business here in our state. he will cohost a job creation summit of his own next week. and if you're looking for work, this may help. some 500 jobs could be headed to harford county. according to the county's director of economic development, officials are in talks with an unidentified
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distribution company. they're hoping the company will set up shop on a 134-acre plot of land in edgewood that had been considered for a new solid waste storage area. that area was quickly shot down by taxpayers. . whether you're out of work, looking for a new job or interested in keeping your family financially sound in these trouble times, check out our website for information. . tomorrow on good morning maryland, the nutcracker is a way many of us celebrate the holiday season so we'll get a sneak peek at it. that story plus weather, traffic, and a whole lot more on friday morning, we'll see you on good morning maryland. at safeway, we make the joy of the season...
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. look at that map, that's all i can see, saturday. >> don't worry about it. tomorrow is a nice day, clouds roll in. saturday, do not run out and get the milk and the bread and the toilet paper. you won't need t but there will be flaking of snow saturday evening into sunday morning and then the cooler temperatures continue. >> i'm not going to look over there. >> there you go. >> not until we get closer. >> that's it for tonight, thanks for watching us. you can follow all the news we're covering on abc 2 news on twitter and thanks for joining us, and have a great night.
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